You have been cleaning your leather jacket all wrong – The Star Kenya

In this cold season, leather jackets are a go-to if we are looking for something stylish that can keep us warm.

Getting a good leather-based jacket is a bit expensive and can cost you close to Sh3, 000 or more, so , taking good care of them is the only way you can save your coins.

  1. Store them properly

Leather jackets are very delicate, try storing them in a clean dry place so that they do not get stained, get an unpleasant smell, or grow mould.

  1. Avoid chemical cleaning products

If you want to clean a leather jacket correctly, do not use any kind of handy or clothes detergent, because leather is a gentle material.

The trick is to use baby shampoo to clean a leather coat or delicate soap with water. Use this trick and your leather jacket will look brand new.

  1. Read the instruction label

Some manufacturers provide cleaning specifications according to the type and grain of the leather, and any important warnings you need to know.

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