Why You Should Avoid Getting A Leather Couch – House Digest

Color damage can happen to your leather couch for a couple of reasons. Luckily, it’s easily preventable and can usually be fixed. Body oil from people lounging on the sofa is one reason the leather can become discolored. The higher grade you choose, the more susceptible it is to damage from the oils and sweat on our skin and hair. Since it’s a natural material, it can absorb these oils. The leather will look darker in spots that are frequently touched, such as the armrests and headrests, according to La-Z-Boy . Regularly caring for your leather with a gentle cleanser and conditioner will prevent any oils from affecting the leather.

The sun can also harm your leather couch. The longer it is exposed to the ultraviolet light that comes from direct sunlight, the lighter colored the leather will become. Heat sources like furnaces and fireplaces can affect your couch similarly. To prevent this from happening, move your furniture away from direct sun and high heat. Although, if it is already discolored, you can dye it.

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