You won’t get the same meal on every flight. According to CNN Travel, Emirates changes its menu monthly for seasonality and freshness. Emirates chefs demand quality ingredients and don’t cut corners. The airline has about 7,000 dishes in its culinary repertoire and serves around 180,000 meals daily and 55 million meals each year!

Glancing at the Emirates sample menus available on their site, gourmet meals are multi-course and no need is left unmet. Three midday lunch entrees are available, and in the evening  three and four-course meals are served, which will satisfy even the most epicurean palate.

Depending on the route, midday meals and snacks are served shortly after departure, followed by a generous evening meal. Dinner includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of your choice, a crisp seasonal salad starter, and one of four gourmet entrée selections. A selection of bread and rolls are offered along with evening meals. Per Insider, Emirates ending the meal with a creative cheese board and a variety of gourmet desserts or fruit is an impressive touch, as is the fine chocolates to finish the evening dining experience.

Three hot breakfast selections and three light-bite offerings, along with pastries, bread, fruits, yogurt, juices, coffee, and tea are served a few hours before arrival.

Regional cuisine with different flavor profiles is a top priority. Naturally, modern twists on Middle Eastern food factor in on every flight. On business-class flights between Japan and other destinations, a clever Japanese Bento Box complete with sake is offered (via Emirates).

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