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SINGAPORE — Not long ago, Ash Samsudin used to be sceptical about sharing his work-related content on TikTok, writing off the social media application as a platform with regard to “Gen Zs doing Gen Z stuff”.

The 31-year-old, whose age ironically places him closer to Gen Zers than older generations, works as the general manager of Mason & Smith, an artisanal shoeshine plus leather care store.

“Would any of them want to watch me shine shoes? Shoe-shining to them might look very old school, very boring, ” he said.

And even after giving in to his curiosity for the TikTok app in late 2020, Mr Ash’s content was viewed only a few thousand times a post, seemingly justifying his earlier hunch.

However , a seven-second video uploaded in May this year “blew up his notifications” overnight and has chalked up 7. 8 million views to date.

The content of the video itself was simple: It showed a glimpse of him shining a shoe, before cutting abruptly to him holding a gold medal that reads, “World Championship within Shoe Shining”.

Around half of the videos that he had put up since winning the competition has chalked up over 100, 000 views each, with about 10 of them gaining millions of views every.


Though the content of the video in May was simple, the steps leading to it were far from so.

Mr Lung burning ash told TODAY recently that will anyone from around the world — not just professionals such as him — can try to qualify for the competition, held in conjunction with the London Super Trunk Show, the particular world’s largest fair for classic men’s shoes open to the public, as described by its organiser.  

“It’s like Comic-Con for everything related to shoes, ” Mr Ash said, referring to the foremost international convention in the comic-book scene.

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