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The Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit will keep you on track with regular cleaning and conditioning for all kinds of leather items.

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You likely already have a cleaning routine for your home. You might even have set days to clean rooms or declutter an area. But don’t forget about your leather products when it comes to your regular cleaning schedule.

To get leather clean, you can either mix up your own cleaner or buy the best leather cleaner for your needs. Leather cleaners come in various forms, like liquids, sprays, and balms. Some can be used on multiple items, while others are geared specifically toward leather in one area, like a car.   “The best choice depends on where and how you want to use the solution, ” says Debbie Sardone , owner of SpeedCleaning. com. We researched the best leather cleansers with this advice in mind to find the top options on the market.

Our top pick, Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit , includes a cleaner and conditioner and can be used on many leather goods.

Chemical Men Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Package

Best Overall

Why You Should Get It: This cleaner and conditioner kit can be used on leather in cars as well as on furniture plus accessories.

Keep in Mind: The particular conditioner is leather-scented.

The best leather-based cleaner overall comes in a set of two products from Chemical Guys. The cleaner comes in a spray format and has no scent. It’s designed to lift away dirt and oils from your leather by getting deep into the pores of the material.

After using the cleaner, apply the liquid conditioner about four times per year. Keep in mind that the conditioner’s leather-like scent may not appeal to everyone. The product also contains vitamin E plus promises to condition the leather and prevent future damage to items like couches or leather car seats.

This complete kit, which can be used on many leather items, is our pick for the overall best leather cleaner. This versatile cleaner and conditioner can also be used on synthetic leather, natural leather, and sealed natural leather.

Price at time of publish: $27

Product Details:   Type: Spray, cream | Suggested Use: Car, furniture, accessories

Weiman Leather Wipes

Best Budget

Why you need to Get It: This particular package of 30 wipes can clean and condition various leather goods.

Keep in Mind: The disposable wipes produce waste, plus you’ll need to buff leather goods with a clean cloth after using the wipe.

The Weiman Leather Conditioning Baby wipes clean and condition, making them the best leather cleaner for a quick touch-up. The 30-pack of wipes can be used on numerous items, including your car’s interior and the couch in your living room. Feel free to use the wipes to spot clean leather boots or even your purse as well.

Thanks to included UVX-15 sunscreen, these wipes also offer protection from the sun. That means buckskin in direct sunlight will enjoy some added protection from fading and cracking.

They’re great for spot-cleaning your shoes or a quick touch-up for the car and incredibly convenient since you can toss the baby wipes after use. However , because they are disposable, they create additional waste and are not the most environmentally friendly option. Keep in mind that you’ll need to buff away the cleaner with a cloth, so that adds a second step to the process.

Price at time of publish: $6

Product Details:   Type: Wipe | Recommended Use: Vehicle, furniture, accessories

TriNova Leather Cleaner

Best for Couches

Why You Should Get It: The cleanser works on multiple materials, including leather, faux leather, plus vinyl.

Keep in Mind: This won’t work as well upon tough stains, and you shouldn’t use it on suede or Nubuck materials.

The best leather cleaner for couches comes in a spray bottle from TriNova. It’s perfect for use on leather, of course , but it can also be used to clean other materials like vinyl and faux leather. If your furniture is made from leather and faux leather, this single product will save you time and expense since you can use it to wash both materials. Take note that you won’t be able to use this on suede or Nubuck, however.

You’ll also want to use this as more of a regular maintenance cleaner, as it isn’t your best bet for removing tough stains. The spray should be applied to the included microfiber cloth and then wiped off with another clean cloth or towel.

Price at time of publish: $16

Product Details:   Type: Spray | Suggested Use: Car, furniture, accessories

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner Car Cleaning Wipes

Best for Cars

Why You Should Get It: These wipes are easy to store and are an one-step process.

Keep in Mind: Because they’re disposable, the wipes will create more waste than other types of cleaners.

Keeping this pack of 50 leather cleansing wipes in your car is incredibly convenient. The pack is small enough to stash in your glove box and not take up a ton of room.

It’s easy to grab a wipe plus touch up your car’s inside leather when you’re parked and have an extra moment. They remove dirt as well as dust, grease, and even fingerprints. Use them on any color of leather-based after spot testing. You don’t need to buff having a cloth afterward, so these are an one-step leather cleaning option which is great when you’re in a hurry.

They’re designed for the leather in your car, but you can certainly use them to clean your leather shoes or handbag if you notice a bit of dirt before an important meeting. Since they are disposable, these wipes do create more waste.

Cost at time of publish: $11

Product Details:   Kind: Wipe | Suggested Use: Car


Chemical substance Guys Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner In One

Best for Faux Leather-based

Why should you Get It: This particular cleaner is made with vitamin E and aloe and promises to keep your items soft.

Keep in Mind: This spray will be leather-scented, which may or may not be something that everyone will love.

Faux leather can be just as appealing as genuine leather, but not all natural leather cleaners can be used on both types of material. This cleaner from Chemical Guys is the best buckskin cleaner for faux leather, although you can also use it on your leather furniture or car internal if you choose.

The spray comes in a leather scent, which may not appeal to everybody. However , it’s formulated with vitamin E plus aloe and promises to deliver a soft feel. The water-based formula will whisk away dirt and stains.

It’s designed to be dry to the touch, so you can apply this directly onto your fake leather items if you’d like. You can also spray the product onto a microfiber cloth and then work it into the faux leather. Either way, a second cloth should be used to wipe away any remaining item.

Price at time of publish: $16

Product Details:   Type: Spray | Suggested Make use of: Car, furniture, accessories

Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Spray

Best Spray

Why You Should Get It: This is easy to use and use and cleans, conditions, and restores genuine leather products.

Bear in mind: The cleaner is sold in a pack associated with two, which may be more than you need if you don’t have a large amount of leather-based to regularly clean.

Weiman is the best aerosol leather cleaner because it cleans, conditions, and restores authentic leather. Plus, you can use this multitasking spray on numerous leather goods, including purses, shoes, leather furniture, and more. Feel free to use the spray on the natural leather in your vehicle as well because it contains sun protection in the form of UVX-15 sunscreen.

The spray comes in the pack of two, which may be a little too much if you don’t have a ton of leather to maintain clean. However , the bulk purchase makes it a good value.

The spray formula gives leather a supple look with a bit of a shine while also adding moisture back to the material. General, you’ll notice that your buckskin looks restored after using this cleaner.

Price at time of distribute: $20

Product Details:   Type: Spray | Suggested Use: Car, furniture, accessories


Leather Honey Leather Cleaner

Best Liquid

Why You Should Get It: This cleaner can be used on various surfaces, doesn’t contain chemicals, and is unscented.

Remember: You’ll have to dilute it because it is sold in a concentrated method.

Though the price may seem a little high for a 4-ounce bottle, this particular liquid leather cleaner is a concentrate that makes 32 ounces of cleaner when diluted in water. Although this adds an additional step towards the cleaning process, it’s easy enough to mix the concentrated liquid with water. After mixing, you pour the particular mixture into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto any leather surface. Then, you simply let it dry rather than wipe it off.

The product is made in the United States and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The liquid formula is free from chemicals and is unscented, making it a friendlier choice for the planet and your home. Note that you won’t want to use this product on suede, but it can be used to clean faux leather.

Price in time of publish: $25

Item Details:   Type: Liquid | Suggested Use: Car, furniture, add-ons

Chamberlain’s Natural leather Milk Healing Balm

Best Balm

Why You Should Have it: The incorporated sponge makes it easy to apply this particular cleaner and restore the look of your leather goods.

Keep in Mind: You may not want to use this on lighter-colored leather items since it may darken them.

If your leather items have seen better days, consider trying Chamberlain’s Buckskin Milk Healing Balm. It comes in an easy-to-use balm form, which keeps your cleaning routine from getting overly messy, as liquids or sprays can be.

The particular sponge included with the balm makes it easy and convenient in order to touch-up leather items like briefcases or wallets. After applying the balm, simply let it soak into the leather until it dries. Then, clean off any remaining item. Keep in mind that this balm is made to restore or condition leather-based, so if you have dirt or even stains, you may want to mix up a DIY cleaner before applying.

Even if the leather has scratches, light cracks, or has simply lost its luster, this balm will help condition it. After using the balm, your leather will shine and look restored. Be cautious using this product on lighter-colored leathers, as they may darken.

Price at time of publish: $18

Product Details:   Type: Balm | Suggested Use: Accessories

Lexol Complete Two-Step Leather Regimen

Best Kit

Why you ought to Get It: It includes two sponges, a solution, and a conditioner for everything you need to keep leather looking good.

Keep in Mind: You might go through the cleaner faster than the conditioner, especially if you only condition your natural leather items periodically.

With so many things on your to-do list, having a complete package that makes it easy to clean and condition leather is handy. Lexol’s kit includes a liquid solution, a conditioner, and two sponges for application.

The cleaner removes dirt and oil, while the conditioner includes oils to restore the look and feel of leather items. The conditioner also protects leather through cracking, so it’s excellent for maintaining leather items over time.

As Sardone notes, you don’t have to condition quite as often as you clean your leather. You’ll likely go through the cleaner before you finish the conditioner, but this set includes everything you need to make your cleaning and fitness routine a little easier.

Price from time of publish: $16

Product Details:   Type: Liquid | Suggested Use: Car, furniture, components


Shine Armor Leather Solution & Conditioner

Best Multipurpose

Why You Should Get It: It comes in an 8-ounce bottle that’s easy to transport from room to space or from your house to the garage.

Keep in Mind: The directions say to use this once every six months rather than our own cleaning expert’s recommendation associated with monthly or quarterly.

If you have multiple buckskin items in your home and a vehicle or two with leather seats, then this may be it cleaner for you. This water cleaner comes in an 8-ounce bottle that’s easy to transportation from room to area or from your house towards the garage.

Shine Armor can be used on just about any type of leather item, from car seats to couches in order to shoes, gloves, and other accessories. It cleans while health and fitness, so you won’t need several products to keep your leather-based looking great.

The suggested use is usually once every six months, plus it’s safe for any color of leather, so this is an excellent multipurpose leather cleaner.

Price at moments of publish: $17

Product Information:   Type: Liquid | Suggested Use: Car, furniture, accessories

The Bottom Line

Our pick for the best natural leather cleaner goes to Chemical Guys Leather Cleanser and Conditioner Kit . This versatile cleaner and conditioner combination kit is really a convenient choice for maintaining leather in your car, furnishings, and accessories.

What to Know About Leather Cleansers Before Shopping


There are a variety of leather cleaners, which includes spray, liquid, balm, plus wipes. Debbie Sardone , the owner of Speedcleaning. com, says, “The best choice depends on where and how you want to use the cleaner. ”

Sprays can be easier to use and help you coat larger areas of the leather, but you will want to avoid accidentally spraying other items or bringing out too much cleaner. Liquid cleaners are also easy to apply yet can get messy and typically take a little more time to work into the leather. Sardone’s team recommends pouring liquid cleanser onto a microfiber fabric to help control how much a person use—you don’t want to saturate the leather with too much cleaner.

On the other hand, Sardone notes, “Balms will allow you to become very precise, but for a larger area, you’ll need to spend the time working the product into the leather to get the benefits and not end up with tacky buckskin or a whitish film. ” Another option is leather cleaning wipes, which are convenient for quick touch-ups and can be stored in your vehicle.

Suggested Use

Before choosing a leather cleaner, you’ll first need to know what type of items you need to clean and whether they’re genuine leather-based or faux leather. Sardone advises reading the product label on any cleaner you’re considering before using it.

Your Questions, Answered

How often should you clean leather?

According to Sardone, you’ll want to dust leather once a week using a cloth or a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Once per month, use a good leather solution (one of the products on this list or a DIY mixture). Ideally, about once every three months, condition your natural leather items, though you could get simply by with applying a cream conditioner once or twice per year. Sardone adds that leather can dry out if you don’t treat it, especially for items stored in dry heat, like near a fireplace or direct sunlight.

Can leather cleaner be used upon faux leather?

“Genuine leather has an advantage in the sense that there are more cleansing products labeled specifically for buckskin available at the store and online, ” explains Sardone.

Because faux leather is made of plastic that’s treated with wax, dye, or polyurethane, using a genuine leather cleaner could damage it. Make sure to use a cleaner specifically formulated for faux leather, like Chemical Guys Sprayable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner , on any faux leather products. Sardone notes you can combine dish soap along with water, then clean fake leather with a soft cloth—just be sure to do a spot test first.

How do you make leather cleaner at home?

It’s simple to create a DIY leather cleanser with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. Sardone recommends using this mixture with a microfiber cloth, “rubbing the leather in a circular motion to lift the dirt out of the natural fibers. ” To eliminate spots and dust from leather, Sardone offers the following recipe:

Add the ingredients to a bowl, then whisk together till they’re blended. Apply the mixture to the leather with a microfiber towel or towel.

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