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The new MUJJO leather iPhone 14 cases launched almost immediately after Apple unveiled its latest handsets. The brand has made its way into our annual roundup of the best options out there, much like it did this year , for its all-leather treatment and attention to detail across nearly every aspect of the cases. But , will the features be worth the $55 price of admission for you? We have now had a chance to go hands-on with the latest from the brand name to help you decide. Head below to find out more in our MUJJO leather iPhone 14 case review.

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MUJJO leather apple iphone 14 case review

MUJJO was one of the first case makers out of the gate this year with its new iPhone 14 models. Once again delivering a tight slate of offerings, MUJJO’s instances come in two flavors along with three color options for each. You can opt for the standard leather-based model or what is essentially the same leather option but with an integrated wallet-style pocket stitched on to the back (as pictured above and below). Both models are available in black, a blue colorway, and a sort light tan or brown option.

MUJJO leather iPhone 14

The MUJJO leather iPhone 14 cases are made of what the brand refers to as vegetable-tanned ECCO leather that is “rated Gold for environmental standards” and are said to develop a rich patina over time. If last year’s models, which I have had more time to put into action, are any indication, this is indeed the case.

You’ll find a small lip surround the camera array to protect your apple iphone lens setup and a little bit of extra case popping off the front side to guard the display. That’s on top of machined metal buttons and wireless charging compatibility –  only the standard non-wallet option will work with MagSafe chargers plus accessories.  

leather iPhone 14 case

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • Vegetable-tanned Ecco leather ages beautifully and is rated Platinum for environmental standards.
  • MagSafe supports quick and easy wireless charging and is compatible with MagSafe accessories.
  • Machined metal buttons add extra clickiness and responsiveness.
  • 1mm raised leather bezel protects screen from abrasive surfaces.
  • Case neatly covers the base without obstructing speakers or charging port.
  • Raised rear-camera bump protects the lenses.
  • Luxurious Japanese microfibre lining adds a satin-like finish.
  • Over time, the leather acquires a patina unique to your use.
  • Super-slim profile fully wraps your phone with premium-quality leather.  
MUJJO leather iPhone 14 case close up

9to5Toys’ Take

The MUJJO situations have been among my favorite leather cases for a while, highlighted by the relatively slim design, light debossed branding on the lower-third of the case back, and the particularly vibrant colorways – the blue model is quite rich and vibrant while the black is well, actually black (not a sort of dark grey or faded-looking black in certain lighting conditions) as well as the tan brown looks like it would match that beautiful light brown belt or pair of dress shoes you might own. The leather material used isn’t quite as sumptuous and thick as some of the more expensive versions out there, which may or may not be a good thing for some folks, but it also makes for a tighter fit around your device and effectively reduces some of the bulk those cases introduce to the carrying or pocket experience.  

The fit, finish, application process, and MagSafe action (on the non-wallet model) all work great on iPhone 14 with the cutouts matching up perfectly all the way around. The machined metal button covers are certainly a highlight here offering a slightly different tone while matching perfectly with the case color at the same time. They feel nice on the finger tips and are, at least in part, something that warrants the sort of mid-tier, not particularly affordable $55 price tag here .  

MUJJO leather iPhone 14 case-01

Another nice touch that might help you justify opting for a case that costs slightly more than some of the options you’ll find on Amazon is the Japanese microfibre lining. Once your iPhone 14 is snugly inside the case it’s hard to care what’s going in there providing everything fits and looks good from the outside. But I, for one, really like to know my device is pressed up against a soft suede-like material and particularly love the treatment MUJJO employs here.  

In the end, MUJJO has once again delivered the compelling leather iPhone 14 case that should certainly have you at least second guessing whether or not you want to drop the $55 on one . While some folks just aren’t the type to care much about the details and will automatically opt for the more affordable $20 addresses out there, anyone that can appreciate the leather treatment, machine metal buttons, and plushy microfibre lining should have MUJJO’s leather iPhone 14 cases on their radar.  

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