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The Upper East Side of Manhattan might not be known to push the envelope in many areas, but a new spa and wellness destination named Sage + Sound  is doing just that by bringing all aspects of self-care together under one roof. Aside from facial treatments, nail services (sure to place it among our pick of standout New York salons ) and a highly curated boutique to boot, Sage + Sound also caters to mental plus spiritual wellbeing through a robust programme of meditation and life coaching. This emotional nourishment also continues in the physical sense with its on-site café, Isle of Us, which offers wholesome and holistic food and beverages throughout the day.  

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Sage + Sound: one stop for wellbeing

‘Our go-to phrase is “wellness, your way”. We are quieting the noise of an overwhelming industry, ’ say the space’s founders, Lacey Tisch plus Lauren Zucker. ‘By carving out a space that simplifies the act of discovery, Sage + Sound guides individuals toward creating their self-care routine that fits their unique needs, lifestyle, and preferences. You no longer have to spend an entire day travelling around the city to meet your health and fitness needs. One place, all you need. ‘

Truly a be all, end all, Sage + Sound’s expert curation includes – and is by no means limited to – facials by Tracie Martyn, an eye-pleasing nail salon run by the non-toxic brand Sundays, and shelves elegantly stocked with cult skincare favourites as far ranging as Biologique Recherche, Flamingo Estate and Frama under its photogenic roof.

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The design firm Ronen Lev ‘combined texture and form to create a layered canvas associated with muted hues, sculptural arches, curved walls and soft, recessed lighting that manuals you all the way through the space’, explain partners Jessica Kamel and Christina Akiskalou. ‘The reception and retail space was inspired by the concept of yin and yang, looking into the theory that when yin plus yang interact with each other, new things will be generated. The central curved wall separates two retail zones – the particular entrance and welcome zone from the quieter self-reflection area. ’

(Image credit: Sage + Sound)

At the heart of the concept is The Study, a safe haven where clients can come together to learn both individually and as a group from a roster of vetted wellness and mental health professionals. Kamel and Akiskaloua add, ‘We designed this space as an oasis, where we wanted everyday life to sort of disappear, leading to an unexplored sense of relaxation and wellbeing. This is a place to fully surrender to the indulgence of self-care, supported from almost all sides by soft custom furnishings, tactile surfaces plus organic shapes. ’

(Image credit: William Jess Laird, courtesy of Sage + Sound)

Under the leadership associated with programme director Ryan Haddon, The Study hosts up to seven classes a day that cover an array of mindfulness practices, such as sound baths, breathwork and meditation, and often feature invited speakers who lead group workshops that address universal life themes regardless of gender.

‘We go to the gym to work out our bodies. We come to The Study to work out our minds, ‘ says Tisch. ‘The Study is not only about learning, but about dropping in and actively checking in with yourself. All the classes we offer, which range from meditation plus conversations to the experiential, lend the customer different forms of self-care within a communal experience. It’s scientifically proven that it becomes easier to retain information and form new habits when you do so in a group setting. We hope The Study becomes a safe space for everyone to do exactly that. ‘

(Image credit: William Jess Laird, courtesy of Sage + Sound)

Restaurateur Lisle Richards’ café concept, Isle of Us, ensures that all visitors leave satiated. Inspired by Richards’ own culinary journey and a dedication to living sustainably, Isle of Us’ menu is focused on making healthy living easy, while empowering the community through food. Designed by Nicholas Obeid, the playful space makes room for gatherings by combining sharp geometric motifs, marigold leather upholstered banquettes and sconces by Tino Saubert.  

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