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Customers enjoy having a variety of choices! Picking trims and customizing the vehicle to your heart’s content brings a personal touch to the process of choosing your dream vehicle.  

Pros And Cons Of Leather And Leatherette

However , a good set of seats is a critical part factor when buying your dream car. Having stylish or comfortable material as upholstery will complement the luxurious design of some cars and provide benefits to the owner. Here, you can never go wrong with the classics: leather and leatherette.  

However , these materials vastly differ in price, looks, and, above all, pros and cons. It is worth exploring, which is what we will be doing in the article.  

Appearance Of Leatherette

Way back in the day, there was no debate on whether to use leather or not. The material was authentic and widespread without any real option to go synthetic. That is until the 1920s when people began exploring commercially viable alternatives to leather.

So , after some time, cheaper analogs presented themselves. These were synthetic materials made from cloth fibers coated in PVC or even polyurethane, containing absolutely no animal by-products. Leatherette is a far cry from the real thing but is a suitable alternative, and costs substantially less than the real deal.  

However , just as with any leather, the material has benefits and drawbacks that may cause you to steer clear of it.  

Leatherette: Benefits and drawbacks

The main factors involved in the increasing demand for leatherette are cost-effectiveness and mass-producibility. It is considerably simpler for manufacturers to produce synthetic material as plastic or cloth fibers are widespread and less expensive. Leatherette is also very convenient to make, and some companies will not even offer the customer to choose genuine leather for upholstery.  

These things benefit the manufacturer, but what about the owners? In this regard, everything is debatable and falls to owner preferences. The most obvious factor is that the price for vehicles with leatherette upholstery will be considerably lower and saves you hard-earned cash. Animal lovers may also enjoy the fact that no animals were hurt when making the material.  

Aside from costs and saving animal lives, leatherette is easier to clean and take care of. There are lots of products for maintaining synthetic materials. Additionally , leatherette is highly resistant to spills plus stains and won’t cause debates about how your friends should behave around natural leather.  

However , there are some real downsides. Leatherette will never beat genuine set in looks and feel. The synthetic material is too “clothy” and even differs from leather in terms of smell. Leatherette requires plastics, and most of those are made from petroleum. This, of course , makes leatherette fossil fuel-intensive, which in turn is bad for the environment.

Leatherette also tends to become pretty hot during summer, while authentic leather retains a comfortable enough temperature to sit and relax.  

Genuine Leather: Benefits, Downsides, And Tips

There is only so much left to cover when it comes to the real thing. Apart from texture, comfort, and a pleasant aroma in your vehicle, nothing beats the authenticity of the whole experience. Some owners go out of their way to make sure the car looks as expensive as possible and are prepared to painstakingly take care of the upholstery. Plus leather requires lots of care!  

Opting for genuine leather is also quite expensive but provides good resale value. Many potential buyers will look for well-maintained leather furniture if you own a luxury car, considering it a must-have feature.  

So , if you want to get your hands on leather, keep in mind that even premium brands like BMW or Mercedes-Benz install artificial material in their entry-level vehicles. You will have to go higher than that and do any of the following:

  • Buy used luxury automobiles. Opting for luxury cars dating a few years may increase your chances of getting real leather cheaper.
  • Outright buy premium rides. It is the most straightforward option for those prepared to pay the costs.
  • Read labels or acquire information. Manufacturers always carefully plan their marketing strategies and advertise buzzwords for synthetic leather, like “MBTex” or “StartTex”. Pay attention to that and avoid buying these vehicles.  

Other than that, there is no shame in going synthetic. Evolving technology means that the material becomes better and better with each passing year, saves animal lives, and helps you save significantly.  

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