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I take a lot of pride in my vehicle so I love to keep it sparkly and clean, inside and out. While taking my car to the car wash is always a good option, sometimes I don’t mind taking it upon myself to care for my vehicle. But to do that, I need the right tools. That’s where Chemical Guys comes in.  

Chemical Guys offers a wide range of products that are designed to clean and help preserve your car. You can find a lineup on Amazon, where right now you can also save up to 30% off dozens of products.

For example , you can grab this detailing arsenal bag for just $63 (and save $27). It’s an entire duffle bag with a bunch of Chemical substance Guys products, so you can just pack it in the trunk of your car or away in the garage easily.  

If your vehicle has a leather interior, consider grabbing the Chemical Guys leather cleaner and conditioner detailing kit. It can be used for apparel and furniture as well. Originally $60, you can get it with regard to $42 (and save $18).

There are a bunch of other great products here like detailing brushes , microfiber towels , car wash soap , wheel cleaners , professional foam cannons and  interior cleaner and protectant.   But note these are all Cyber Monday deals that we expect to disappear after, well, Monday.

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