How to care for high-heeled footwear

Written by Lahari Basu

Jun 07, 2022, 06:54 pm 2 min read

How to care for high-heeled footwear
You must always clean your precious heels before storing them.

Many women love wearing high heels! The right pair can enhance your confidence and make you feel powerful. It is perfectly fine if you are someone who isn’t comfortable wearing heels. But if you are, you also need to know that heels require special care. Here are a few things you must do to care for your expensive pair of high-heeled footwear.

Clean them regularly

Polish your leather footwear from time to time with a soft cloth and polish. Take extra care of suede pairs. Use a suede eraser to rid the surface of dried dirt and stains. Areas with heavy rainfall cause mud and water damage to your heels. The trim where the leather meets the sole collects a lot of dirt and must be cleaned before storing.

Do not drive wearing heels

If you have to drive, do not wear heels during the process. When you drive in heels and press the pedals, it puts a lot of pressure on your footwear and can result in breakage. They can also hinder the smooth movement of your foot on the heel between pedals. Keep a pair of sneakers or comfortable flats in your car for the purpose.

Walk right in your heels

Do not wear your heels regularly. It is not good for either your posture or your shoes. Walk lightly on your high heels instead of stomping. Not only is that odd to look at, but also harmful for you and your precious heels. Heavy thuds can damage stilettos and cause them to break. Walking weirdly also wears your shoes off faster.

Store them properly

Take off your heels at the end of the day carefully, wipe them clean and check for any damage or scratches. Fix damages before you stow them away and forget! To prevent your shoes from smelling bad due to moisture, place charcoal pouches inside them to keep them fresh. Invest in spacious shoe storage, and line them up on the racks.

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