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Here is how you can care for leather hand bags during monsoon

Written by Sneha Das

Aug 02, 2022, 10: 22 is 3 min read

Here's how you can care for leather bags during monsoon
These few tips will prevent your leather bag from getting damaged during the monsoon season.

It can be a bit tricky to dress up and flaunt your leather accessories in the rainy season. During monsoon , fungal spores are present in the air which tend to grow on leather items like luggage, making them vulnerable to molding. Fret not! We can help you take care of your priced possessions with a few tips and prevent them from getting damaged.

Dry your bags

Dry your bags properly; keep them away from direct sunlight

Avoid putting your leather bags away as soon as you return home. Instead, keep your bag under a ceiling fan for a few hours to let it dry properly and air out. If you are in a hurry plus leave your leather handbag to dry under direct sunlight or near a heater, then stop now! Extreme temperatures and sunlight can damage leather items.

Polish well and store them properly

Just like shoes , make sure to polish your leather-based bags at regular intervals to protect them from moisture and restore the balance of natural oils. Polishing increases the natural shine of the leather extending the bag’s shelf life. Stuff the bag with newspapers to retain shape and prevent creasing or folding. Wrap it in a cloth and put this inside a box to shop.

Wiping and cleaning

Let the bag breathe; brush and wipe frequently

In order to prevent rot and mildew, provide the leather with enough ventilation. If your leather bag is sealed up tightly, then the air cannot naturally pass through it. So , take it out and air flow it frequently. Wipe and brush clean your leather bags with a microfiber cloth or soft-bristled clean immediately after use to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust on them.

Leather conditioner

Use a leather conditioner

Use a leather conditioner plus apply it to the areas of your own bag that have gotten wet or damp. Use a small amount at first and gradually use more. A conditioner will keep the bag protected and soft by lubricating the leather and reducing friction. It can also improve the look of the bag and make it more durable.

Preventing bad odor

Use baking soda to prevent bad odor

Sprinkle some baking soft drinks inside your leather bag to keep it fresh and odor-free and reduce the moisture content in the bag. After sprinkling the baking soda, close the bag and give this a few hours to absorb the odor. You can also get rid of the excess moisture inside the bag by using a hairdryer in a low to cool setting.

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