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Picture this: you’ve just bought a brand new pair of Guidi boots for $1,678 USD, but you’re struggling to find ways to look after them after a few daring wears. Well, you’re in luck, as the luxury Tuscan company has now launched its own shoe care kit — Guidi style, of course.

This is no regular shoe care kit, as the collection is served in a horse full-grain leather bag that houses four brushes, one shoe horn, one cloth, two waterproofing sprays, two soaps, and a care cream, with all of this being engraved with the signature Guidi logo. Each item is kept safe in its own little pouch, some of which are buttoned-down for extra security.

Every detail from the zipper to the lining has been meticulously considered to make cleaning your boots an occasion. And, at £1,295 GBP (or roughly $1,760 USD), it really should be. Take a look at the set above, and purchase it exclusively in-store at UJNG.

In other news, Grounds has dropped a new silhouette: the Moopie.

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