Leather is one item that never goes out of style. The only issue with leather is that you can only sport it in winters for it gets extremely hot and suffocating to pull it off in other seasons. Leather jackets, leather boots, leather pants, bags and everything else always look chic no matter how they are carried. 

While you aren’t using leather, it is important to maintain it so it doesn’t spoil. Cleaning it becomes tough as leather doesn’t do well with water. But here are some other easy ways to clean your leather items. 

– The first step to cleaning leather, is first brushing it with a soft brush. Rub the brush very gently on the surface to get rid of the debris. Rubbing it too hard might damage the leather. 

– Take a clean cloth and wet it so it is slightly damp. Add just a few drops of soap or leather cleaner on the cloth and gently rub over the surface of the leather. Then take another cloth and wet it so it is damp. Use this to wipe off the excess soap or leather cleaner from the item. Then let it air dry. 

– Another simple way to clean leather instantly, is by using baby wipes or wet wipes on the surface. They are gentle enough and do not harm the leather. The wet wipes also have moisturising properties that help in conditioning the leather as well. 

– Mix one spoon of water and vinegar together. Dip a clean cloth into this and sub the leather surface. Then wipe off with another damp cloth. 

– If oil or grease has fallen on your leather item, the best way to clean it is with talcum powder. Put talcum powder on the oil or grease that has fallen on the leather. Let it sit on for 3 hours and absorb the oil. Then, using a soft brush, dust it off. 

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