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Published on Aug 19, 2022 07: 20 PM IST

If you want to reuse your leather clothes and boots, there are certain steps you need to take to make sure they are ready to use come winter

Five simple ways to care for your leather products

Five simple ways to care for your leather products

By Ami Patel

Winter ready

What are some things I need to do before I can I reuse my leather boots and coats that I had stowed away post winter?

—Sheetal, Mumbai

If leather loses its natural oils and moisture, it loses its flexibility. As a result, its fibrous interweave will start to crack and eventually break down. Therefore , to use them for a longer period, you need to give your leather a thorough deep conditioning, which will help in the nourishment of your leather boots.

Five crucial steps you should follow are:

1 . Cleaning: Wipe this with a dry cloth or a wet wipe, followed by a drying one.

2 . Let it dry on its own.

3. Use a good leather conditioner after it has dried completely.

4. Make sure you remove the excess conditioner from your leather products.

5. The last step is to polish your set properly.

All these steps will help you in maintaining your product in the best shape.

Ami Patel is a celebrity fashion stylist, image consultant and faculty with the Art of Living

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