Smartwatches are great for tracking steps and setting goals but there are times you want a proper watch on your wrist: a timepiece with exquisite detailing, sharp dials and elegant quart movements. This is not news to collectors and watch connoisseurs who driving the demand for vintage pieces and newer cult favorites to build out their collections. Watches, in a lot of ways, are similar to a fashion wardrobe. You often want to wear different styles, sizes and designs depending on your look or mood of the day. While certain brands are well-known classics (Rolex, Cartier, Hermès), there are plenty of modern, less pricey brands on the market worth investing in right now.

There’s also something to be said about un-plugging for a moment and freeing yourself from a smartphone’s constant pings and alerts. Instead, you can focus on the essentials—the date and time—and embrace the analog lifestyle for as long as you want to. If you choose wisely and take good care of what you buy, your watch can increase in value and last for decades (good luck finding that with a smartwatch).

Ahead, a Vetted guide to the best luxury watch brands for women. You’ll find a mix of the classics, many of which you can find pre-owned from trusted e-retailers, and contemporary standouts, with the essential facts on the brand and what makes their watches worth collecting. And if you can’t quite give up tracking, there’s even a discrete smartwatch that’s sophisticated enough to pair with a cocktail dress or evening gown.


Classics Worn By Royalty Then And Now


Swiss-Made, French-Designed Beauty


Handsomely Rugged And Highly Valued


As Glamorous As It Gets


New Classics In The Making


Modern And Minimalist Styles


‘80s Cult-Favorites Worth Wearing Again


Old World Meets New Tech


Stylish Luxury At An Accessible Price Point

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