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Your leather shoes are bound to get damaged during the rainy season but here are some tips to protect them.  

After months of scorching heat, the monsoons are here to provide us some relief. People often love to play in the rain. There is nothing more romantic than a long drive on a rainy day. ust sitting on your balcony with a cup of coffee or tea is peaceful enough.  

However you would have to take care of your leather shoes properly during this time of the year, as there is a high chance of them getting spoiled. If you don’t know how to keep your leather shoes protected to prevent rain damage, then here are a few tips for you.  

Air Dry Your Leather Shoes

There is a good chance that your animal skin underfoot will get wet in the rain if you wear them out. Even if they are not fully wet it is important to air dry them. This will keep your shoes last longer.

Avoid drying your leather shoes with a hair dryer or other forms of extreme heat tools as it may crack up the leather. Either keep your shoes outside in a clean, dry area or under a fan at room temperature for best results.  

Polish Your Shoes

Polishing your shoes will not only add a shine to your shoes but will also protect them from moisture. This will also help maintain the quality of your own shoes for longer. You can either use a leather polish or a leather conditioner to replenish the oil in your shoes. Take a small amount of product on a soft cotton cloth and rub it on your leather-based shoes or boots in circular motions for optimum results.  

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We are sure that you don’t want to destroy your leather shoes, so it is best to store them away during the monsoon months. They should be stored properly. Stuff them with newspaper and put them in a cloth bag. You can also put sachets of silica gel, or a bowl of soda bicarbonate in your wooden almirahs as they might also absorb the excess moisture in the wet season.  

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Clean Up The Mud

dry leather shoes

During the monsoon season , your shoes are bound to get dirty. So it is important to clean them immediately. Don’t let the mud stay on your current shoes for a long time. This is because once the clumps of hardened mud forms on the shoes after drying, it can be damaging for your footwear.  

Water-Repellent Barrier

It is a great idea to add a barrier in your shoes. It can slow down the shoes from soaking up water. This will ensure minimum damage to your leather shoes.  

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