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Holidays are an important time for us to rest and recharge, but that does not always mean lazing on a sun lounger.

For many people, the thrill of travel comes from being able to get active and explore places. It might be a chance to head on a city break or an opportunity to go wild and enjoy the great outdoors. There is even the possibility of going to the extreme and plotting an adventure in the Himalayas .

Consider the essentials

But , if activity plus exploration are high on your agenda, it is important to consider a few key essentials ahead of your trip.

The right clothing and accessories will be vital to ensuring you can get the best from your break, while good quality footwear is another must. Put simply, your walking boots will need to be comfortable and provide the support that you require.

So , if you are digging some walking shoes out and getting them ready for a big trip, how can you ensure they are in top condition? Here are just a few ideas on tackling the issue.

  • Clean them up

First up, it is well worth giving them a clean. If your boots are caked in mud, a quick wash will mean they are in good condition for packing. In addition , this step will also help you easily identify any issues that might need addressing – more on that shortly.

A bit of water can make a big difference, but it may also be worth checking if you require any specialist products to get the boots back to their best.

  • Make repairs

Once the boots are clean, you can assess if there is any damage or other potential issues to consider. If there is, you should think about repairing them.

This page features a host of information on repairing a shoe with  adhesive . It outlines how you should apply it to both surfaces, wait until it is tacky to the touch and join the surfaces. You should then keep them secured by weighing them down for 24 hours. The page adds that specialist adhesives can work well on many of the materials used in shoes.

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  • Check laces

The last thing you want is a shoelace to snap when you are walking up a hill in the middle of nowhere. So , have a good look at your laces and see if there is any cause for concern. If so, buy some replacements.

In fact , depending on the activity that you have planned, it may also be worth having some spares to hand just in case.

  • Waterproof them

Finally, waterproofing your boots will make sure they can withstand the elements and help you every step of the way.

Trespass suggests reproofing more than required , stating that it can save you money and the hassle of getting replacements. The site also offers tips on how to care for full-grain leather boots, nubuck leather and suede boots plus fabric boots.

Be ready for anything

Holidays are often a huge amount of fun, but there is plenty to consider before you head on a trip. For instance, the right travel documents are key and IATA details some of  the most important ones to think about. It makes reference to items like a passport, a travel itinerary and travel insurance proof.

However , if you are planning a hike or similar excitement while you are away, robust quality footwear will also be essential. Having the right support could make a huge difference to your comfort and may well mean that you are able to reach new heights in your search for adventure.

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