Gone are the days when only limited products with stereotypical designs were available on the market. With growing fashion technology, many bags are being designed uniquely to lure anyone and make them buy them. From celebrities to working women, it is a privilege to flaunt designer bags and make a style statement. Not only that, but a designer handbag also increases the appeal of a dress and takes it to a whole new level. 

Our top picks of luxurious designer handbags and purses

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6. Loewe Nappa Aire Handbag Calf Leather Brown- Buy Now

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In this article

1. Types of designer handbags

2. 20 Best luxury and designer handbags

Who denies a bag that has been specially designed and unique on its own? Today is a big day for you because you are finally going to add the long yearning handbags and purses to your cart and finally seal the deals. 

Types of designer handbags

Buying a designer bag is as good as an investment and you should know what you want before you spend a fortune on it. There are too many options out there to choose from. Sure, it would be great if you could have it all, but if you need to zero in on a few types, make sure you are aware of the most popular options. Read on to know a little bit about the most fashionable types of designer bags out there. 

1. Shoulder Bags

Yes, this is certainly the most common type of bag you get to see. You can even spot celebrities showing off their luxury shoulder bags in their paparazzi shots. This bag style goes perfectly well when you are looking to blend fashion with utility. You can look good and at the same time carry your world around in them if you want. They come in different sizes and you can take your pick from a range of options. 

Depending on the designer brand you choose, the price of the bags will vary. It can be your go-to bag, from an ordinary essential to a stylish accessory for a cocktail dinner. 

2. Tote

The tote bags have been in vogue for quite some time now and ladies simply dot over them. Why would they not? They come in quirky, stylish designs which look well with most outfits. Luxury fashion brands all around the world have also been pouring their creativity into these bags by experimenting with color, texture, material and style. These bags are usually big and rectangular. They are also likely to have open tops, sometimes with a zip, making them highly suitable for workplaces. 

You can just about take them anywhere and never have to worry about having little space in your bag. These bags are among the hot favorites of the modern-day fashionistas, as well as the not-so-fashion-conscious tribe of women as well. 

3. Crossbody

Crossbody bags are a trend and are paired with both casual outfits and dressy, occasional ones. You are only required to have an eye for fashion to be able to team it up with the right outfit. Going out for a coffee with friends? Sling it on your shoulder and go hands-free. You can ride a bike wearing it without worrying about dropping it on the way. It can store your smaller essentials. Usually, the things you can’t do without, from your cellphone to money. 

It is the best type of bag for the times when you have to carry your bag around, without having to pay much attention to it. 

4. Satchel 

There are a few basic differences between a satchel, tote and handbag. To start with, satchel bags are stout and come with a pair of short handles and shoulder straps. The top of the bag is not open like a tote. Satchel bags replicate the style of the old-fashioned bags for carrying books and other items or a doctor’s bag. 

However, they are highly feminine and are preferred for occasions such as a formal dinner or a corporate gathering. The best part about a satchel bag is carrying it on your shoulder or in your hand, whichever suits you better. 

5. Clutch

Clutch bags can be as stylish or as plain as you make them be. Most ladies cannot do without a clutch bag. They can be carried on their own or within a bigger bag. Although smaller in size, these bags come with plenty of slots for keeping your money and cards. There’s also a section for cell phones, coins and other smaller items. They usually serve the purpose of a woman’s wallet. 

However, the famous designer brands are trying new styles on the bags. You can choose a clutch bag with or without a strap. The clutch bags also vary slightly in size but are generally never bigger than an A4 size paper. Moreover, the designer brands are developing unique ways to make these bags, using different materials and embellishments. 

6. Bucket

Bucket bags are back in style after a brief pause. Its classic design is ideal for casual outings. Keeping the basic shape and the type intact, designers produce different versions of the bucket bag, which pick up on the trend. It comes with a simplistic mechanism, with drawstrings to open and close the bags. The material of the bag can be anything from leather to woven fabrics. 

7. Duffle Bag 

Duffle bags, also synonymously known as barrel bags, can be held in hands or hung on the shoulder with a strap. These bags tend to be highly durable to make up for their lack of definite shape. Some duffle bags even come with long slings to carry them like a crossbody bag. However, while they are not ideally suitable for formal parties or dinners, you can easily take them on a girls’ day out or for shopping. They are also useful for short travels when you need to travel light. 

8. Hobo

Not sure what to match with your clothes for a casual night out? The Hobo bag is your safest option. They are usually spacious inside which can fit most of your must-haves and have a slouchy design with a pair of handles. You can take it on your shoulder or hang it loosely around the elbow. They can add style to any look very effortlessly. While they are shaped loosely, the rigidity depends on the thickness of the material that it has been made of. 

9. Backpack

Backpacks are both stylish as well as have a high functional value. They are your go-to bag while going on a short trip or even attending classes at the university. Backpacks are usually lightweight but have plenty of storage inside. So, you will always find a slot to tuck your belongings in. 

As the name suggests, backpacks are worn on the shoulders and they hang on your back. So, you have your hands free to do anything you want. Designer backpacks offer a chic look with a smoother and more delicate finish. If you choose judiciously, your designer backpack can be useful and timeless at the same time. 

10. Bowling Bag

The bowling handbags have become very popular for their stylish appeal and rigid form, making them just the right choice of handbag for a fashionable dinner party. They generally feature short handles, meant to be carried in hand. Or you can simply hook it onto your elbow. Bowling bags are mostly made of premium leather and have a timeless charm. 

11. Bauletto 

If you are looking for some fashionable options in designer handbags, you can go for the Bauletto style. It is a versatile design that goes equally well for intimate parties and daytime celebrations. Like an ordinary handbag, Bauletto’s also come with short handles that are meant to be looped around your wrist or your elbow. Inspired by french handbags, this design is available in bright colors and decorative details. The designer handbag brands are also profusely using this style to deliver its growing demands among fashion connoisseurs. 

If you have made yourself aware of the top 11 types of handbags available for women, then you are all set to take a plight in the world of luxe and designers bags that you were dreaming of since a long time.To take your style up a notch and to accentuate your state statement with the best fashion accessory in hand, on your shoulders or around your back, you must roll your eyes below and snatch a glimpse of the designer beauties waiting for you to be their owner.

So, ladies, your long-held dream of owning a designer bag ends here. Here is a list of some of the best and top-most branded designer handbags and purses that will not only decorate your wardrobe but also fetch you a plethora of compliments. Scroll down and see what suits your style.

1. Gucci

Gucci bags are among the most popular designer purses, ranging from classic leather styles to versions with instantly recognisable logos. Gucci bags are made from Italian leather, which is the most expensive leather in the world. Also, the manufacturing process is not factory-made. These bags are made with great care and attention to detail. It is also a status symbol to have a Gucci bag. 

Gucci GG Bamboo Handbag Canvas Fabric Brown

This Gucci handbag comes with a canvas body. It has rolled leather handles with bamboo details. It features an open top and interior zip pockets. The colour combination of brown, beige and dark brown makes it an alluring piece of fashion. 


Price: $ 474.72

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2. Chanel

Chanel handbags have some of the highest resale values of any luxury bag. Chanel bags are made of high-quality leather made of lambskin or caviar leather. They are not made wholesale, as they are crafted with special attention to them. Also, one more specialty of Chanel bags is that the best craftsmen in the industry make them. They undergo a durability test, which is done on every single bag. Due to this, each bag lasts for years. Mainly, flap bags are a specialty of Chanel bags. 

Chanel Double Flap Quilted Medium Classic Black Leather Shoulder Bag

This black leather bag has a quilted design all over the body. It is a lightweight handbag that you can carry with pride at any parties, meetings or get-togethers. It has sufficient space to carry your essentials with utmost safety. 


Price: $ 6,336.00

Buy Now

3. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta translates to “Italian shop.” It is known for its Cabat, Veneta, and Knot bags. Bottega Veneta has been created in so many versions. A variety of luxe materials are used to manufacture these bags. The main feature of Bottega bags is the weave design, which is iconic and unique to this brand. People who do not like logos printed on the bags go for this brand. Understanding their preference, Bottega bags are made with no logo on them. Specialized artisans make them. 

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Crossbody Bag Calf Leather Brown

This brown leather bag is crafted with a woven leather body. It has an adjustable flat leather strap, a top zip closure and an interior slip pocket. The lovely beige colour will compliment any outfit of yours. 


Price: $ 599.43

Buy Now

4. Prada

Prada defines style and elegance and creates a fashion statement. Prada bags are not too flashy nor stereotypical. These bags are unique in their style and do not copy any other brands. These bags are very famous in Europe as well as the United States. Prada had some of the most stunning and understated designer handbags. People who love minimalistic design can opt for these bags. 

New Prada Black Canvas Jacquard Logo Convertible Small Bucket Bag

This bucket bag from Prada is made up from a canvas material that is trimmed with a smooth black calfskin leather. It has a drawstring closure that opens to a spacious interior which is lined with black jacquard nylon.


Price: $ 1,350.00

Buy Now

5. Saint Laurent

The specialty of Saint Laurent bags includes jewelry in their making. They also use selected leathers like Moroccan, snakeskin, and crocodile skin to make the bags. One specialty is that they use vegetable fiber to make summer bags and tortoise skin for small bags. They are manufactured with skill and expertise in making innovative designs like bags in the shape of books, bags with shoulder straps, bags with horn handles, and bags that look like panther skin. One quality that makes them stand out from the rest of the bags is available at reasonable prices. So, you can own a “designer handbag” at a much lower price!

Saint Laurent Leather Amalia Flap Shoulder Handbag Brown

This handbag has the perfect bag depth, height, width and length so that you can dump in your essentials without much effort. It has a rich and classy look that will be your best companion.


Price: $ 1,010

Buy Now

6. Loewe

Loewe is known for staying true to its Spanish legacy. These bags are made with prime craftsmanship and by a leather specialist. These bags come under the category of Spanish luxury fashion and world-renowned leather goods. Loewe is famous for its puzzle mini leather shoulder bag, which has gained popularity and applause for its unique design. Are you curious about what it looks like? Check it out and make it yours.

Loewe Nappa Aire Handbag Calf Leather Brown

The Nappa Aire brought to by Loewe is a leather body that comes with rolled leather handles, a magnetic snap closure and an interior zip pocket. The appearance and quality of this handbag is worth the value. 


Price: $ 437.31

Buy Now

7. Hermes

Hermes bags are the most expensive and iconic bags in the world. They are made with genuine leather, and premium skins like crocodile, ostrich, goat, etc., are used to make them. Also the hardware, such as the most expensive palladium, is used in making these bags. Some of them also have real diamond studs. The main specialty of these bags is that they are purely handmade and come in limited editions. It’s truly a status symbol to own a Hermes bag. 

Hermes Light Brown H Logo Evelyne

This handbag is crafted in France. It serves you with sufficient space to store your belongings in a highly fashionable way. The handbag looks smart and perfect to team it with your western or casual wear. 


Price: $ 2,079

Buy Now

8. Celine

Celine bags are aesthetic in their design. They follow the “less is more” policy, keeping it minimal. Their innovative and creative approach to fashion makes them unique among other brands. They have a clean and simple design and are good to invest in. They are worth the price and worth investing in. 

Celine Trapeze Handbag Calf Leather Black

This handbag from Celine. It has a leather and suede body that compliments the rolled top handle. It also has a front flap that comes with a clasp closure. There is a top zip closure and interior slip pockets to store your necessities while on the go. 


Price: $ 1,098.26

Buy Now

9. Louis Vuitton

The main and renowned specialty of Louis Vuitton bags is that they’re waterproof and fireproof. Canvas is used for waterproofing, and PVC is used for fireproofing. Each bag goes through several durability tests to make sure it stays longer. These are timeless as they stay new and classy for longer, unlike some other brands. Also, it is a status symbol to own a Louis Vuitton bag. No wonder these bags have high manufacturing costs and are expensive. 

Louis Vuitton Women’s One Size Fits All Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag is a 100 percent canvas bag that has intricate embroidery. This hangbas leaves no space for disappointments and thus a must have handbag in yoru closet. 


Price: $ 794.99

Buy Now

10. Christian Dior

Christian Dior is known for its luxurious craftsmanship. Their bags are made with intricate embroidery and signature motifs. They use the best materials, of the highest quality, and are purely luxurious. A Dior bag is a must-have in one’s lifetime. We are sure you won’t regret splurging on it.

Christian Dior Women’s Small Leather Book Tote Handbag Pink

This tote handbag is a flawless piece of fashion to dump all of your essentials in utmost style. It is not only elegant but also has the power to accentuate your OOTD effortlessly. 


Price: $ 2,799.00

Buy Now

11. Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne’s bags are so trendy and dressy. One can easily afford them. They have some of the most beautiful designs that women love and do not want to miss out on! Check out one of the most simple yet luxurious Paco Rabanne bags.

Paco Rabanne Women’s One Size Fits All Clutch

This clutch has a metallic colour. The solid metallic look of this handbag will leave you awestruck. It is a perfect match to any outfit that you choose to slide into for the day. It is compact, cute yet stylish.


Price: $ 48.09

Buy Now

12. The Row

Row’s bags are finely crafted and impeccably made. These bags are known as timeless as their style never gets old and remains classy no matter what season or time it is. This has got some trendy and timeless designs which contain clean lines. These bags are made of high-quality fabrics and are available in classic colors. They have neat and simple designs that do not go overboard. You definitely won’t regret investing in them. 

The Row Circle Handbag Suede Leather Red

This leather handbag comes in a burgundy shade. The style, structure, fabric and texture of this handbag is worth appreciating. It is a classy and luxe handbag that has a distinctive circular handle that will fit in your hand or simply rest near your elbow. 


Price: $ 811. 43

Buy Now

13. Balenciaga

Balenciaga is known for its motorcycle-inspired handbags. The manufacturing process makes the leather strong and durable, making the style a worthwhile investment. The slouchy design is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and features such as a roomy interior, top handles, and a removable strap make it ideal for everyday use. The tough hardware adds to the allure. 

Balenciaga Metallic Cracked Leather Bazar Shopper Satchel Handbag 

This silver satchel handbag is worth every penny. It is eye catchy and has cracks all over the body that amps up its beauty. 


Price: $ 750.00

Buy Now

14. Jacquemus

Jacquemus is the master of mini designer bags, whether for going out, on a special occasion or just for fun. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to add a pop of color to their ensemble. Its specialty is the chic style it has, and it’s famous for teeny tiny bags which are art-inspired and unique on their own. It comes in various sizes while remaining sleek and timeless in polished and playful clothing. It’s available in various colors, from vibrant tones to neutrals, and is made of leather and suede, so it’ll appeal to a wide range of tastes. 

Jacquemus Black Leather Le Piccolo Bag

This Jacquemus Black Leather Le Piccolo Bag is the perfect micro-bag for a chic way to carry a few essentials. If you have to rush outdoors for a trip but you need your keys and cash, this bag will be your best choice. 


Price: $ 595

Buy Now

15. Fendi

Fendi is an Italian brand that is famous for creating furs with urbanity. It has the most elevated craftsmanship and has attained the mastery of art in the fur-making industry. These are high-end bags that act as a status symbol. They are ready-to-wear, daring handbags that define your fashion statement. 

Fendi Selleria Handbag Calf Leather Pink

This handbag features a leather body, rolled leather handles, top zip closure and an interior zip pocket to store all of your necessary belongings. This leather handbag is all that you need to lay bold fashion statements. 


Price: $ 474. 72

Buy Now

16. Stella McCartney

The vegan luxury handbags by Stella McCartney are famous for their diamond-cut chain and cruelty-free body. They make the best choice, particularly for the summer. With its roomy trapeze shape and a range of colors and prints ranging from bright orange to black and white stripes, the new Falabella faux leather and raffia tote is the ultimate style.

Stella McCartney Large Falabella Fold-Over Tote Bag Fabric Gray

The Falabella tote bag features a faux leather body, gold-tone chain straps, a top magnetic snap button closure and an interior zip pocket. The grey colour of the purse is alluring and matches well to any coloured outfit of yours.


Price: $ 655.55

Buy Now

17. Valentino

Valentino designer handbags are distinguished by their famous rockstud detailing. The French house’s collection has something for everyone, from sleek shoulder bags to ultra-modern quilted leather designs in large and small sizes. The large version has a shoulder strap and a top handle for easy carrying, whereas the smaller version is more like a bucket. These come in vibrant colors like orange and hot pink, which appeal to active dressers and those willing to try out new looks. There’s the small leather-trimmed raffia tote in the summer, which looks great with light white dresses, swimwear, cut-off shorts, and tank tops. 

Valentino Rockstud Crossbody Bag Calf Leather Red

This compact leather crossbody bag comes with silver-tone rockstud embellishments, a flat strap and a top zip closure. It is a must-have designer bag to carry minimal belongings. 


Price: $ 1,020.94

Buy Now

18. Chloe

Chloe’s brand makes the most beautiful handbags. It has a cool, ’70s bohemian vibe with statement stitching and a swishy tassel finish. The brass hardware and subtle branding give it that high-end finish, and it can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody for versatility. Crafted from a sumptuous combo of suede and calfskin leather, the Marcie also comes in a larger tote silhouette if that’s more your style. 

Chloe Gold Tone Hardware Marcie Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag is a large brown coloured leather bag with a distinctive style and structure. It is a highly fashionable piece that you need to vouch at the earliest. 


Price: $ 600

Buy Now

19. Michael Kors 

The handbags are subtle and easily noticeable. The types of bags brought out by Michael Kors adds a practical touch to the overall appearance of the bags. Unlike untouchable pieces in art galleries, these handbags are art in motion, designed to be used on a daily basis. 

Michael Kors Jet Set Large East West Crossbody Bag

This bag is an adjustable crossbody strap bag that will be your best friend forever. It has an artistic design, texture and sufficient space to store your belongings. 


Price: $ 109.99

Buy Now

20. Kate Spade

Kate Spade creates traditional leather handbags. The bags are made from beautiful leather that amps up the overall beauty of the bag. The bags are exceptionally beautiful and perfect for any season. 

Kate Spade New York Women’s Smile Small Shoulder Handbag

The unique style and structure of this handbag is worth appreciating. It is classy, trendy and chic. It features a pebbled leather with smooth leather trim faille lining.


Price: $ 133.36

Buy Now

With so many dazzling choices out there, it is simply too irresistible not to own one. So, now is the time to make room in your closet for these tried-and-true designer names and timeless classics! If you see what you like, grab your pick and enjoy the attention. 


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