Sometimes a handbag speaks louder than words. It effectively communicates power, success, romance and panache. Some days it lets you carry your world with you, while other days, it is just you, your lipstick, some essentials and your confidence. Your handbag elevates your outfit, making you the belle of the ball regardless of the occasion. And what’s better than understanding how to wear Louis Vuiton bags with confidence. 

Our top picks of the best Louis Vuiton bags

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2. Monogram Cartouchiere Crossbody Bag – Buy Now

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5. Monogram Papillon – Buy Now

6. Pink Monogram Cosmic Blossom PM Tote- Buy Now

7. Floral Embroidered Leather Capucines Handbag- Buy Now

8. Monogram Mini Lin Anne Sophie Pochette Pouch- Buy Now

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1. 10 Louis Vuitton bags

2. Your First Louis Vuitton

3. For the Experienced Luxury Consumer

4. Louis Vuitton Signature Details 

5. 8 Louis Vuitton Trendsetters

6. Choosing the Right Handbag: Style Guide

7. How to Take Care of Your Bag?

It need not be simply another accessory. If your ensemble were a meal, your handbag could be the main course, not just an appetizer, especially if it were a Louis Vuitton bag. 

This iconic French brand, launched in 1854 in Paris, redefined the meaning of luxury from the moment of its birth. Almost obliterating the bulky rounded-top trunks previously used by travelers, Louis Vuitton made flat-topped, lightweight, airtight canvas trunks a fashion statement. Over a century later, today, this brand has spread to more than 50 countries and has come to be loved for its innovative designs that symbolize trendy fashion.

Here’s a peek at the classic Louis Vuitton handbags that light up any occasion. 

1. Neverfull Tote Bag

The original tote was a fuss-free bag that you could take grocery shopping with. But Louis Vuitton took the functionality of a humble grocery shopping bag and turned it into a high-fashion accessory. This design enables women to carry a part of their world in their totes – mobile phones, makeup, sunglasses, wallet and a nutrition bar – without taking away the style quotient. 

In 2007, Louis Vuitton introduced its iconic tote bag, Neverfull, which is in demand even today. It comes with gold-color hardware and leather laces that compliment any outfit. The brand has also introduced several newer tote designs in multiple shapes, styles, and colors ranging from pastels like blue and pink to bold blue and green. There’s nothing like a designer tote bag to brighten your day while you’re on the move! 


Price: $ 1,799.00

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2. Monogram Cartouchiere Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags, like the Cartouchiere GM Crossbody Bag, are the go-to option for those who love to combine street style with convenience and casual elegance. The long strap falls to the hip, is strung over one shoulder, and crossed across the body diagonally. Some crossbody bags have a wider width strap, ensuring that the bag stays firmly in its place. This strap usually has a unique design and detail, ensuring that the bag stands out or blends with any outfit, especially denim, short pants, and dresses. 


Price: $ 1,799.00

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3. Damier Azur Pochette Eva Crossbody Bag

Louis Vuitton has a range of crossbody bags with gold hardware details. The funky Louis Vuitton crossbody Damier Azur Pochette Eva has a casual checkered design. You can detach it for a more formal evening look and use the gold chain as a strap to make the bag double up as a clutch! 


Price: $ 1,799.00

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4. Damier Graphite District GM Daniel Messenger Bag

Also known as satchels, messenger bags started as medium-sized, rectangular-shaped bags, typically used by male consumers to carry documents. But brands like Louis Vuitton have turned them into style statements for women consumers, too.

The brand’s graphite Messenger style is a great choice for work and a day out. This one comes in a grey and black checkered power combination with an adjustable strap. It is functional yet high on style. 


Price: $2,079

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5. Red Epi Leather Pochette Accessories Wristlet Clutch Bag

These small evening purses, known as minaudières, come with or without handles. They are a staple for a glamorous evening out. To accentuate the iconic little black dress, they can be bejeweled or designed like a tiny black purse. 

The Red Epi Clutch bag adds a bit of glam to the wardrobe and can be used as a clutch or a mini handbag. It can look great on denim, dresses, and any smart-casual ensemble. 


Price: $ 554

Buy Now

6. Monogram Petit Noe Drawstring Bucket Hobo Bag

The stylish bucket bag got its shape and style from Louis Vuitton’s signature champagne bottle bag Noe in 1932. The bag was designed to accommodate five champagne bottles. Today, it is one of Louis Vuitton’s most iconic designs, imbibing style and functionality worldwide. This elongated bag takes the shape of a bucket and comes with trendy-looking drawstring handles on top. Bucket bags can be opened and closed easily, and you can store plenty in one bag. 


Price: $ 1,107

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7. One Size Fits All Leather Bucket Bag

Today, Louis Vuitton has several bucket bag designs in a range of colors and styles. This eye-catching blue and green bucket bag can light up any wardrobe. The bucket bag has become a wardrobe staple for many fashionistas because it comes with the promise of great functionality and an evergreen design. 


Price: $ 649.99

Buy Now

8. Monogram Denim Hobo Bag

This is another great addition to your handbag collection, a style that lets you carry your world in it without ever appearing bulky. A hobo is typically made of soft, flexible material on the inside. It is spacious and has a supple, flat handle to wear over your shoulder. The shape of the hobo makes it easy to stash all your stuff in an organized manner. 

Louis Vuitton has several sophisticated-looking hobo handbags that are easy to use and look chic on any outfit. LV’S limited monogram denim hobo bag is a classic design with a funky zipper and two cute pockets with metal buckles. These raise the style quotient instantly. 


Price: $ 2070. 00

Buy Now

9. Explorer Backpacks

No one puts luxury into backpacks like the house of Louis Vuitton. The brand turned the go-to bag for all kinds of highly mobile travelers into a style statement. Louis Vuitton backpacks also guarantee a fuss-free travel experience for women always on the move.

The debonair-looking Damier Ebene Soho Backpack is great for work-related travel. The funkier, trendy Rare Limited White Monogram Ultralight Backpack comes in white and black and has a subtle monogram print. The criss-cross strappy design is not just a visual detail but allows you to reduce the size of the bag if you’re traveling light.


Price: $ 1,799

Buy Now

10. Belt Bags 

Also known as bumbags, these go around the waist and are great to strap on when you are on the move. You might be running down to the store or putting together an event; you can stash all your must-have items like a smartphone, lipstick, sanitizer, a driver’s license, etc., in this bag.

Louis Vuitton has a whole range of belt bags in different styles. This slick-looking women’s One Size Fits All Belt Bag can be strapped around with denim or over a shirt and can carry a mobile or other small items. Also, check out this Damier Ebene Bumbag Waist Pouch Fanny Pack, which has an adjustable belt. You can take it along for your morning walk or carry it when running an errand in the neighborhood. 


Price: $ 749.99

Buy Now

Your First Louis Vuitton

Owning a luxury handbag is a rite of passage for any serious consumer. Well, luxury means owning a Louis Vuitton handbag. Remember that this is not a one-season-only handbag but something that is of high quality and will last you a while, maybe even up to 10 to 20 years. You may need to splurge a little, but that feeling you have when you take it for a spin for the first time is priceless.

Once you have decided on your choice of a handbag, make sure to buy it from a credible store or platform. If it’s being sold cheap, the piece may be a counterfeit. The last thing you want in your wardrobe is a fake. Remember, only an authentic Louis Vuitton matches style with functionality and comes with precise craftsmanship. 

For the Experienced Luxury Consumer 

Once you develop a taste for a luxury handbag, you will keep wanting to come back for more. This is a work of art that is not easy to replicate. The materials, design, finish, and details are so intoxicating that it continues to lure you. you will want to add it to your collection and raise your standards of what constitutes a handbag. Make sure you experiment with different styles, colors, shapes, and designs. 

Louis Vuitton innovates and brings out new collections multiple times a year. The label’s latest collection Dauphine for women, is distinctly recognizable because of its monogram and monogram reverse canvas. Chic brand ambassador Emma Stone, the face of Louis Vuitton since 2018, set the trend with the Dauphine when it was launched. 

Louis Vuitton Signature Details 

Here’s a sneak peek at what makes Louis Vuitton bags for women so unique:

  • The label launched with high-end, high-quality travel products, and this DNA continues in all Louis Vuitton designs, even today. 
  • The handbags not only look good but have tiny details that are perfect for those with a mobile vibe.
  • Several Louis Vuitton handbags come with signature gold chains that add a touch of glam to even the simplest designs. 
  • Watch out for details that are delightful to the eye – from coin purses to versatile straps to detachable pockets. Every bag will surprise you a little.

1. Monogram Papillon

The Monogram Papillon may look like a basic design. But it is a trendy staple for every wardrobe and can uplift the vibe of any outfit. It looks great on dresses or jeans and has enough space to stash all your basics. The baguette shape is inspired by a bag from the House Louis Vuitton’s archives.


Price: $ 686. 72

Buy Now

2. Pink Monogram Cosmic Blossom PM Tote

Louis Vuitton pink bags always stand out because of their bold designs, shapes, and color combinations. This pink cosmic tote bag comes with bright red handles and is large enough to let you carry your world with you! You can stash all your essentials in this spacious bag, making it a handy travel companion.  


Price: $ 1,382

Buy Now

3. Floral Embroidered Leather Capucines Handbag

This stunning black Louis Vuitton bag comes with a bold twist – it is embroidered with floral motifs. The embroidered leather Capucines handbag in black has a neat, compact shape and has the potential to brighten up any look with its signature style. The chic handle adds to a unique look. Since the bag stands out, it is best to wear it with a simple look – like jeans and a white tee. 


Price: $ 5,000

Buy Now

4. Monogram Mini Lin Anne Sophie Pochette Pouch

This cute-looking Anne Sophie pochette comes in a vibrant khaki and chocolate brown color combination. It features Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram pattern, which gives it a classy look. You can stash your makeup, jewelry, and other tiny items in this stylish pouch and always be on-trend when traveling. 


Price: $ 621.00

Buy Now

5. Le Touquet Hobo Shoulder Bag 

You can never have enough sensible shoulder bags in a wardrobe. They can be used for work, when catching a movie, or just hanging out with friends. Designed from monogram-embossed leather, the Le Touquet hobo shoulder bag is spacious and is a great day-to-evening accessory.  


Price: $ 1,107

Buy Now

6. Monogram Loop Chain Hobo Crossbody Croissant Bag

This trendy half-moon baguette small bag is made of monogram jacquard velvet. Loop is inspired by the Croissant bag from the House of Louis Vuitton’s archives. The chain for shoulder carry, and the crossbody leather strap, create a trendy look. 


Price: $ 4,707

Buy Now

7. Sophie 2way Crossbody Bag

This funky Louis Vuitton bag is a real head-turner because of its unique design. The chic-looking wallet-style bag has not one but two straps of metal and leather, which can be detached as per your preference. You can also carry this bag like a clutch if you detach both straps. The monogrammed print adds a touch of class to any look. 


Price: $ 1,661

Buy Now

8. Marante Monogram Vernis Sunset Boulevard Chain Bag

If you’re looking for a compact party bag that makes a statement, check out this trendy epi leather bag. The bold signature pink Louis Vuitton monogram stands out and is recognizable even from a distance! The metal strap adds a funky finish to this unique style.


Price: $ 968

Buy Now

Choosing the Right Handbag: Style Guide

Shopping for a luxury handbag or designer purse needs a little planning to get the right one for your look and lifestyle. Here are some handy tips to make the journey an exciting one.

1. First things first, get the boring stuff out of the way. Get a sense of what your budget is going to look like. Work it into your monthly budget, so you don’t have to go out of pocket for fashion. 

2. Next, understand where you are going to carry it. Is it to your place of work or an evening out? Do you need something that doubles up for both work and a night out? Functionality and style are equally important, and with a Louis Vuitton handbag, you will never need to worry about either.  

3. What style of handbag are you comfortable with? Does a crossbody bag trump a backpack? It’s a good idea to visit a store and try different styles before deciding.  

4. Your lifestyle will play a role in helping you decide what type of handbag best suits your needs. For instance, a tote or a hobo bag is a great pick if you spend long hours away from home and are always on the move. A dainty clutch adds a great finish if you’re looking specifically for evening wear. If you want a hands-free experience, go for a backpack.  

5. A Louis Vuitton handbag is a high-quality premium product, and it has been known to last in one’s closet for decades. You’re sure to fall in love with your LV bags, so choose the design and style that speaks to you. 

6. The Louis Vuitton handbag has a unique quality about it. It makes a statement but never outshines your style. It looks great on you, even when you wear a simple pair of denim and a white tee. So, if you’re worried about needing to match it with an expensive wardrobe, relax. Your LV handbags add a touch of class to any look. 

7. Make sure you choose a size that lets you fit all you need right in. If less is more, then a smaller size is a good bet. If you love carrying your world with you, go for a spacious bag with pocket details. 

8. Louis Vuitton has ventured into its own journey of building sustainability in its supply chain. If sustainable consumption is part of your journey, you can choose a handbag made from recycled materials. Look up the fabrics before you take your pick. 

How to Take Care of Your Bag?

  • Storing it: When putting your luxury handbag away, be sure to stuff it with tissue or soft tees to help it retain its shape. Refrain from using newspaper as the ink might run and damage the lining or leather. Place the gold straps inside the bag so they do not dent the leather. Make sure it is stored in an upright position.
  • Protect it from moisture: If your bag has a sachet of silica gel, keep it inside the bag, especially when you store it. This will keep the bag from absorbing excess moisture.
  • Getting rid of mold: Your bag might tend to catch some mold in damp weather. To get rid of the same, wipe it with a soft cloth, and keep it in a dry place for 24 hours. 
  • Avoid any color transfer: If your luxury handbag is made of colored leather, patent leather, or suede, make sure you keep it away from wet clothes and avoid any contact with a moist surface. 
  • How to place it: Most consumers dump their bags on the floor, whether in the office or eating out at a restaurant. It’s a habit that damages leather, especially if it comes in contact with water or gets stamped on. Instead, you can hang it on a chair, let it sit right next to you, or invest in buying a portable bag hanger that can easily be fixed on the table. This is a seamless way to hang your bag, and it looks chic too! 
  • Send it to the spa: Believe it or not, you have professional services like handbag spas that thoroughly clean and maintain your luxury bag. Check your city or town for such a service, and make sure you send your luxury handbags every once in a while.   
  • Be gentle on the inside: Sometimes, we stuff too many things in our handbags. We also develop other poor habits like storing makeup that can leak or keeping pointed objects that can rip the cloth and damage the leather. Make sure your makeup is stored in a small purse, and no sharp objects are left unprotected in your bag.
  • When it stains: Water stains will dry. But if you spill wine or any other liquid, it’s best to get it attended to by a professional cleaner who understands how to work with luxury accessories. 

As your luxury handbag collection increases, you will get savvier about how to choose newer designs and keep them in good shape for years to come. A classic Louis Vuitton handbag is a collector’s item of sorts. Every design is steeped in history and is a class apart. So wear it with joy, and make every moment memorable with a Louis Vuitton handbag on your arm!


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