With sustainability being the buzzword of the moment, many luxury brands are continuously proving that high-end fashion can also be ethical . With innovative ideas, new dimensions to repurposed vintage clothing, producing zero waste and adopting clean as well as natural modes of production for a responsible fashion future, designers are working hard towards making products interesting and desirable while being eco-friendly.

Over the past few years, this is what consumers are also looking at. Environmentally conscious choices have seen a positive growth when it comes to fashion indulgences. Sustainable practices like using recycled materials — such as organic cotton plus vegan leather, cruelty-free manufacturing process and reduced water technology  — are being adopted by big players globally.

Restyling classic clothes, repairing old weaves or taking a conscious step to shop only at stores with ethical practices can indeed go a long way in giving back to the planet. Additionally , being receptive to nature and caring about the earth doesn’t mean basic and lacklustre clothes. Sustainable fashion plus glamorous clothes can go hand-in-hand. For instance, brands like Gucci , Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Bottega Veneta.

These labels are working to up their game in minimising their carbon footprint plus going eco-friendly by using renewable energy sources, as well as adopting a transparent supply chain and labour-friendly manufacturing process. As changing trends give rise to fast style, luxury clothing and accessory labels are thinking differently to give the so-called ‘slow fashion’ a glamorous look.

All these, coupled with design expertise and craftsmanship that define each of these luxury fashion brands, make the sustainable fashion industry not only a booming business but also quite in tandem with the newest trends and style mantras.

If you are looking to associated with shift and sport sustainable luxury products, then these are some of the luxury fashion houses you must check out.

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Here’s a list of sustainable luxury brands taking the eco-friendly route:

Gucci –>

The luxury label became one of the first fashion houses to use ECONYL® for their menswear and luggage line called Gucci Off The Grid. Known for lasting clothes, shoes and accessories, the brand also has premium ranges of makeup plus fragrances.

The luggage line is created “for those mindful of their environmental impact, ” says the Gucci Equilibrium website. The particular fabric is made of consumer waste materials, recycled plastic, ghost fishnets and discarded carpets. Another major component of Gucci Off The Grid items is that sustainable materials like metal or chrome-free tanned leather, recycled polyester thread and linings, reused brass, recycled gold plus palladium hardware, are used. These are not only cruelty-free but renewable as well.

Gucci Equilibrium is the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly and environmentally friendly fashion that upholds the particular vision of Gucci’s parent company, Kering. Starting in 2015, the platform shows Gucci’ s work regarding inclusivity, bringing positive changes to people and the planet.

All this blended with Alessandro Michele’s creative genius makes the Italian luxury fashion giant the conscious and ethical house, too.



Buy Reformation products gong3deng –>

Reformation –>

Listed among the most popular lasting luxury fashion brands, Reformation is redefining feminine silhouettes that are cool, fun and sporty. It is a favourite among names like Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber.

The team working at the LA-based luxury clothing brand name strives to make the manufacture and supply process as transparent as possible. From declaring sustainability reports, collaborating with suppliers who are clean and eco-friendly, being 100 percent climate-conscious and energy-efficient to recycling their waste and using natural colours and dyes, it has evolved as an advocate of sustainable clothing in every way.

Some garments are carefully crafted with recycled fabrics, old deadstock and offcuts or repurposed vintage clothes. They also extensively use linen plus Tencel lyocell fabric for long-lasting fashion.

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