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The holiday season can be stressful, but finding the perfect, sexy gift for your partner or crush can add a little extra “spice” to your “eggnog, ” if you know what I mean. If you’re looking for a gift that says, “Spank me, Daddy, ” I’ve got you covered. Here are ten holiday gifts with daddy energy for your favorite masc top or even dom.

A black, cuffed beanie with black text on the cuff that reads, "SIR" is against a white background.

If your masc top hates getting called “ma’am” or “young man” whenever they enter straight, cis spaces, help them advertise their preferred term of address. This “SIR” beanie from the trans-owned company Transguy Supply comes in red, green, or black.

A candle and a plant that looks like rosemary in a white pot sit on top of a vintage hardcover book against a white background. The light brown candle is shaped like a butt.

If your top is an Ass Masc, then they’ll probably dig this booty candle from the queer-owned, Black-owned company CTOAN . The candle comes in three different colors and four different scents, and there’s an unscented option for sensitive noses. Don’t forget to drool over CTOAN’s naked torso candles, too!

A black, silicone paddle, which has a long handle with a bulbous end with a small hole in it is against a light grey background. The paddle casts a small shadow under the handle.

Daddy needs to keep you in line, and this stingy, silicone paddle is the perfect tool for the job. And by the way — the handle is insertable.

An open, circular metal tin containing a white hand salve is against a white background. The top of the tin is yellow. Red text reads, "Burt's Bees" and black text reads, "Hand Salve - a farmer's friend." There is a black and white drawing of a bearded man in a bucket hat in the center of the tin. Drawings of bees are on either side of the man's face.

If your masc babe lives in the northern hemisphere, their skin probably gets dry during this time of year, and queer folks need supple hands — for reasons . This salve will keep those fingers soft all winter long.

A purple dildo with a wide base with balls faces away from the camera against a grey background. A black cushion that's shaped like a vulva with ridges down the center sticks to the base of the dildo.

If your top is a vulva-owner who likes railing you with a strap-on, kick their pleasure up a notch with the B. cush. This silicone cushion sticks to the base of a dildo and protects the strap-on giver from getting bruised when they’re thrusting hard. The texture and shape provides extra clit stimulation, too.

Against a white background, there is a black and red plastic zip pouch, which reads, "Kiwi Leather Care Kit." In front of the pouch, there is a shine brush (which reads, "Kiwi"), two grey sponges with red plastic handles, a tin of brown polish with a red label reading, "Kiwi," a tin of black polish with a red label reading, "Kiwi," and a light yellow cleaning cloth.

Leather Care Kit (prices vary)

Lots of daddies take pride in their own leather boots, so help them put their best foot forward. For a personal touch, put together a leather care kit with hand-selected products, which might include saddle soap, polish, conditioner, a shine brush, cloths, etc . You can also snag a pre-made kit like this one from  Kiwi   ($12. 79).

A black, faux suede slipper with a grey sole and grey faux fur lining is against a white background.

After looking hot as hell in their boots all day, your dominant darling needs a cozier option for winter nights at home. These cushioned, faux fur-lined slippers will keep their toes toasty while the two of you plot your next role play scene.

A concrete block with a narrow opening emits flames. The block sits on a coffee table with books and cards. Behind the coffee table, part of a brown leather couch is visible. A person in jeans and a sweater sits on the couch holding a glass.

Speaking of curling up at home, your masc top would probably love to set the mood for the date night with this small, concrete “fireplace. ” Add nine ounces of isopropyl alcohol for an hour’s worth of burning.

A purple bandana is against a white background. On the bandana, there is a drawing with silver ink featuring a nude person with breasts and pubic hair. The person has needles along their arms, thighs, nipples, and torso. Larger needles surround the person's body. Along the edges of the bandana, small text lists the different colors of bandanas and their hanky code meanings.

Help your own masc daddy flag and brag about their topping skills with a printed hanky. Each bandana is screen-printed with art that reflects the color’s hanky code meaning.

A pair of black socks featuring white drawings of hands in different positions (including the classic "duckbill" fisting position) is against a white background.

Okay, maybe it’s too much to recommend Autostraddle merch on Autostraddle dot com, but I can’t help myself. These socks are the perfect accessory for any top (or bottom…or switch) who wants to subtly profess their particular love for hand sex.

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